This Privacy Policy is prepared as a form of commitment from us, PT Digital Cloud Solutions, and/or its affiliates (“OKHOME” or “We”) in collecting, storing, disclosing, managing, utilizing, and protecting any electronic data or information that is personal to you as the User of OKHOME’s website and/or application, both the application for iOS and Android or in other applications that We may own, manage, and/or use for time to time (hereinafter shall be referred to as “Application”). OKHOME takes serious responsibility based on the laws and regulations in the field of privacy and personal data protection (“PDP Law”).

We interpret Personal Data as any data about a person, whether you are an Application User or not Application user, which is submitted to us through the Application either identified and/or may be identified independently or combined with other information either directly or indirectly through the electronic or non-electronic system, such as name, identification number, and contact information (“Personal Data”)

The Privacy Policy along with all other terms and conditions of OKHOME Application as specified and can be arranged separately determines the basis for obtaining, collecting, processing, analyzing, displaying, sending, disclosing, storing, changing, deleting, and/or all forms of management related to Personal Data. We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy in its entirety, as well as all other policies or provisions relating to it to ensure that you understand our data protection practices.

By registering or making a similar statement which available on the Application registration page, you represent that all Personal Data you provided is true and valid data, and you have been notified and read the overall of this Privacy Policy and have given your consent to OKHOME to collect, process, analyze, display, transmit, disclose, store, modify, delete, manage and/or use the data for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, both in the present and in future.

Unless otherwise specified, all terms in capital letters used in this Privacy Policy will have the same meaning as those terms in the Terms and Conditions that apply between Users and OKHOME.

Matters that have not been sufficiently regulated in this Privacy Policy will refer to the PDP Law or other laws and regulations that are relevant and applicable in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.


OKHOME collects Personal Data with the purpose of processing Services, including but not limited to features provided by third parties to the Users, managing and expediting the Application utilization process, as well as other purposes to the extent it is permitted by the applicable laws and regulations.

We will/may collect your Personal Data when:

  1. registering and/or using the Service, Application, website, or registering an account with us;
  2. submitting any form, including forms submitted through websites, requests, or other forms related to our Services, whether online or offline;
  3. you make an agreement or submit data or information to us in relation to your interaction with us, or when you are using our Application, website, or Services;
  4. you activate, choose, or utilize a payment function or feature available in the Application;
  5. you interact with us through our customer service, whether through the phone line, chat feature within the Applications, email, social media platform, face-to-face meetings, or through chat feature at other applications provided by third parties;
  6. you use and interact with our Application or website;
  7. You allow access and permission on your device to share information requested by the Application or our website;
  8. you conduct transactions through our Service;
  9. you submit information and other data in connection with the Service ordering process, including but not limited to information about name, Service designated address, and others;
  10. you send us your Personal Data for any reason.

The User data and/or Personal Data that we may collect are as follows:

  1. name;
  2. email address;
  3. telephone number;
  4. sex;
  5. date of birth;
  6. your contact information, if you give your permission to share it;
  7. address of Service destination, including geographic location information or based on Global Positioning System (GPS), if you choose to activate it
  8. information sent by the User in connection with the Service, including but not limited to statements regarding the specification of house/house type, number of rooms within the house, type of rooms in the house, ownership of the pet, Service preferences, and the others;
  9. User payment data when carrying out payment transaction activities through the Application related to the use, information, payment specification, and method, including but not limited to data of bank account, payment cards, virtual account, internal banking, digital wallet, and other payment methods;
  10. Information delivered by or connected with device(s) used to access our Application;
  11. picture, including a photo provided by you electronically as evidence which may be required in delivering or completing Services; and
  12. other information about the User when the User registers in the Application or other information which is provided to us through the Application, including but not limited to information of the use of the Application.


OKHOME may use the Personal Data acquired and collected from the Users for the following purposes:

  1. manage your user account and carry out customer identification and analysis;
  2. carry out identification and statistical analysis for the purposes of marketing, promotion, improving service quality, and other activities involving Users either directly or indirectly, to the extent permitted by the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations;
  3. carry out verification and payment transactions that will be submitted to a third-party payment service provider;
  4. processing orders for Services to you, including determining the location of services, and processing and receiving payments for orders
  5. processing the calculation in relation to the payment of Service;
  6. processing requests for compensation and damages for certain events as stipulated in OKHOME's terms and conditions;
  7. processing of Consultant searches that are appropriate and in accordance with the location, criteria, qualifications, preferences, and conditions of the Service object;
  8. communicate to you regarding your questions, requests, and feedback, important changes to our terms and conditions, general announcements and statements, and other matters related to managing your account;
  9. respond to, process, deal with or complete transactions and/or fulfill your requests for certain products and services;
  10. monitor and enforce compliance to the terms and conditions, including matters related to issue settlement;
  11. carry out marketing and promotional activities; and/or
  12. ensure that the Application is properly functional.


OKHOME implements various security measures and tries to ensure the security of Personal Data within our system. We stored Personal Data behind a secure network and can only be accessed by a limited number of certain people who have access rights to the system, and are required to maintain the confidentiality of the Personal Data, as well as bound by OKHOME's strict internal confidentiality provisions

We will store and always protect Personal Data in accordance with the PDP Law. We will destroy or anonymize Personal Data when, We, reasonably consider that (i) the purpose of the collected Personal Data is no longer served the purpose of storing of the Personal Data; (ii) retention is no longer necessary for any legal or business purposes; and (iii) there is no legal order to withdraw the Personal Data. If you stop using our Application, or your permission to use the Application or Service is terminated or withdrawn, We can continue to store, use and/or disclose the Personal Data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and obligations under the PDP Law. Subject to applicable laws, We may safely dispose of Personal Data without prior notification to you


OKHOME may disclose Personal Data obtained and collected from Users to third parties for the purposes of analysis services, providing services such as payment systems, insurance, and/or other services/conveniences/enjoyments to you, and other needs related to OKHOME's Services or activities. Acceptance and use of the services of third-party providers by you are subject to terms and conditions that you can agree separately between you and the related third-party service providers. By accepting a service offered by a third party provider, matters related to the collection, use, disclosure, storage, transfer and management of your data (including your Personal Data and your other data that We disclose to the said third party service provider) will be subject to data protection guidelines belonging to third-party service providers. Finally, OKHOME may disclose Personal Data in an effort to comply with legal obligations and/or there is a valid request from law enforcement officials or an authorized state administration agency.


We do not guarantee and responsible for the security of Personal Data and/or other information that you provide directly or indirectly to third party sites. We implement preventive and security measures to protect your Personal Data that is with us or under our control. We store your personal data behind a secure network in accordance with our commitment to the Personal Data Protection section.

In effort to provide better service to you, we may choose or cooperate with various third party websites to be linked to our Application. All of these linked sites have their own privacy policies and are independent in terms of security. You hereby understand that We have no control over the linked websites, therefore access to the linked websites is at your own risk, and We are not responsible for the security of Personal Data protection on these linked websites. However, we will continue to make every effort to ensure the integrity of our Application and the links attached therein.


Cookies are small files that will automatically take place on a User's device that performs functions and stores User preferences and configurations while visiting and/or using our Applications and websites, including how and when Services or Applications are used or visited, by how many people, and other activities in the OKHOME Application. We can link Cookies to the user's Personal Data information and to information about the service that the User chooses in the Application. The cookies that we use are limited to cookies for visiting sessions and/or your use of Services and Applications (necessary cookies), so that in the event that you visit or use our Services and Applications, you are deemed to have agreed to share the cookie data.


OKHOME takes reasonable steps to ensure that User Personal Data is processed accurately and completely. Thus, it is also important for Users to be able to provide complete data and/or information to us, including to notify any changes in a timely manner if there are changes or mistakes in the User's Personal Data provided to OKHOME.

Users have the right to access or correct Personal Data that is under OKHOME's control through our Customer Service contact available in this Privacy Policy. However, we will only process the application if the User can include sufficient proof of identification to access or correct the Personal Data. We reserve the right to refuse requests for access or correction, partial or entire of User Personal Data that OKHOME owns and controls if regulated or permitted by PDP Law. This includes if OKHOME feels that requests to change data are irrelevant or difficult.

The user can withdraw the consent that the User has given regarding the processing of User's Personal Data under OKHOME's control by providing a written request through OKHOME's Customer Service, or in accordance with the procedures in the Application (if any), or the procedures regulated and determined by the PDP Law. OKHOME will process the User's request within a reasonable period of time since the request was delivered, and also has the right not to process the User's request if it is not required by the applicable laws and regulations. In the event of withdrawal of User's Personal Data access consent, OKHOME will not be able to provide its services optimally or even cannot carry out its obligations due to the User has withdrawn his/her consent, causing the legal relationship between the User and OKHOME to end and cannot be continued.


If you have concerns about the handling and protection of your Personal Data by us, or if the User concern that his/her privacy has been violated, the Users are welcome to contact OKHOME Customer Service through the customer support section within the Application or through the contact that specified in this Privacy Policy by explaining the identity and complaint that want to be conveyed.

We will always investigate our User’s complaints and endeavor to respond to these complaints within a reasonable time after we receive the complaint through our Customer Service


OKHOME may at any time make amendments or updates to this Privacy Policy both for compliance with the applicable laws and regulations as well as for compliance with OKHOME’s internal standard. OKHOME will notify the User if there is any amendment and/or update on this Privacy Policy.


For further information, you are welcome to contact of Customer Service at:


WhatsApp: +6285280261206


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